Notebook Phone Server Modem
Applications openSUSE {15.0+} Android {6.0+} with F-Droid openSUSE {15.0+} FRITZ!OS
Archive Manager File Roller
Audio Workstation Ardour Easy Sound Recorder
Burner Brasero
Calculator GNOME Calculator Xlythe Calculator
Calendar GNOME Calendar Etar, DAVdroid
Clock GNOME Clocks Clock+
Camera Cheese OpenCamera
Contacts GNOME Contacts Simple Contacts, DAVdroid
Converter/Ripper Asunder, ffmpeg
Email Evolution K-9 Mail + OpenKeychain
File Manager Nautilus Amaze
IDE Eclipse (Virtual Machine)
Keyboard GNOME Keyboard, physical Hacker’s Keyboard
Launcher GNOME Shell / GNOME Flashback (no 3D acceleration) Lawnchair
Language dictd, translate-shell QuickDic, Google Translate
Maps GNOME Maps, – OsmAnd+, Transportr
Messenger Empathy, Empathy, Riot, Dino preinstalled, Silence, Riot, Conversations
Music GNOME Music Vanilla Music
News shortcut (Inoreader) shortcut (Inoreader)
Office/PDF Reader/Notes LibreOffice {5.4+}, Evince + PDF Annotator (Virtual Machine), QTodoTxt -, Document Viewer, Simpletask
Password Manager KeePassXC KeePassDroid
Picture Editor Krita, darktable
Picture Viewer Eye of GNOME + gThumb Simple Gallery
Radio Gradio RadioDroid
Scan Simple Scan
Sync Syncthing Syncthing Syncthing
Terminal bash, GNOME Terminal sh, Termux bash, SSH
Text Editor gedit Ted vi
Utilities GNOME Disks
Video Editor Blender
Video Player Totem Simple Gallery
Virtual Machine VirtualBox
Weather GNOME Weather Forecastie
Web browser Firefox {52+} + uMatrix + Video Background Play Fix + YouTube Video and Audio Downloader Fennec {57+} + uMatrix + Video Background Play Fix + YouTube Video and Audio Downloader